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Road traffic hazards typically occur on motorways during lane change, if another vehicle besides the own one has been overlooked. This can happen easily, if the other vehicle is in the blind spot and the driver has not assured accurately that there is no other vehicle alongside. In this paper, a tracking method for vehicles approaching from the rear is(More)
The advantage of parallel computing of artificial neural networks can be combined with the potentials of VLSI circuits in order to design a real time detection and tracking system applied to video images. Based on these facts, a real-time localization and tracking algorithm has been developed for detecting human hands in video images. Due to the real time(More)
Enhancement of road traffic safety means that the human component as well as the technical components have to work at highest level. Together they build a complex system. Due to rising road traffic, mental and physical stress, driver’s concentration is deteriorating and is the main reason for traffic accidents. Improvement of the human factor is very(More)
There are many industrial products that use digital video image processing for orientation control or object detection. Often object shape is used for classification. However, if detection task has to be performed very fast and there are many different candidate shapes for an object, other characteristic features have to be used. One of the most relevant(More)
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