Marco Hachiya

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A age-related morphological changes in bow legs and knock knees were studied on roentgenograms taken in a standing , notably on alignment of the lower extremities. In the present study comparisons of chronological changes of this alignment, which was assessed by the femoro-tibial angle, were made between 3 groups of children under 16 years of age: 350(More)
Acknowledgements It is my great pleasure to thank Prof. Guido Burkard for supervision of my work and invaluable years in his research group at the University of Konstanz. I am grateful for the opportunity to work in an exciting and highly topical field of physics and to present our results at numerous international conferences. I thank him most sincerely(More)
OBJECTIVES There are several reports clarifying successful results following open reduction using Ludloff's medial approach for congenital (CDH) or developmental dislocation of the hip (DDH). This study aimed to reveal the long-term post-operative course until the period of hip-joint maturity after the conventional surgical treatments. METHODS A long-term(More)
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