Marco Guzzi

Pavel Nadolsky2
Fredrick Olness2
2Pavel Nadolsky
2Fredrick Olness
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Projected parameters of the EIC are well-suited for testing for the existence of the nonperturbative intrinsic mechanism for charm quark production. We present estimates for semi-inclusive DIS charm production for various EIC congurations and examine the eects of intrinsic charm contributions. In the variable avor number (VFN) factorization scheme [1, 2,(More)
High-statistics deep-inelastic scattering at the EIC can elucidate several open questions about the structure of nucleons and nuclei that cannot be answered solely by measurements at the Large Hadron Collider. These questions include avor composition of PDFs; nuclear correction factors; eect of isospin violation on the PDFs; and behavior of the longitudinal(More)
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