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PURPOSE Fabry Disease (FD) is a rare X-linked metabolic disorder characterized by diffuse deposition of sphingolipids in many tissues. Retinal vessel tortuosity is a common ocular manifestation in FD and may represent a useful marker for the disease. Unfortunately its clinical evaluation is poorly reproducibile and alternative means of evaluation may be of(More)
The correction of oral and maxillo-facial mal-formations causes lesions to sensitive nerves due to the invasive and traumatic surgery techniques required. Generally neuro-sensory and cutaneous-mucosal defects are reversible, with full recovery within 6-12 months. In a follow-up study (2 and 8 years) we found altered tactile and pain sensitivity in 43% of(More)
The Italian National Law 281 of 1991 forbids the euthanatization of free-ranging dogs, unless they have an incurable illness or are proved to be dangerous. Without neglecting the undeniable benefits of the "no-kill" policy, nevertheless it has brought about a chronic overpopulation in shelters and, as a result, higher costs of management and welfare(More)
A case of hyperostosis of the left hemimandible medial face in a young patient is reported. This in an interesting case both for the remarkable size and the location of the lesion and because it was unique and asymmetrical; as a matter of fact this pathology, frequent on the jaws, is usually symmetrical and bilateral. The most probable etiopathogenetic(More)
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