Marco Guainazzo

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The use of time-frequency distributions is proposed as a nonlinear signal processing technique that is combined with a pattern recognition approach to identify superimposed transmission modes in a reconfigurable wireless terminal based on software-defined radio techniques. In particular, a software-defined radio receiver is described aiming at the(More)
This paper describes a Positioning algorithm that uses the signal strength, received by a Wireless Local Area Network, to determine users position. The system improves positioning accuracy by mitigating the multi-path and noise, through an empirical analysis of environment and a pre-post curser mitigator. Results, in terms of relative error, are presented(More)
In this work, a mode identification system for superimposed signals in the same band is presented. More precisely, a pattern recognition approach, based on Wigner Distribution for features extraction and non parametric classifiers (k-Nearest Neighbors and Parzen) is proposed for identifying the transmission modes in an indoor wireless environment. A(More)
The use of Time Frequency (TF) analysis is proposed as signal processing technique combined with a pattern recognition approach, for identifying the transmission modes in indoor wireless environment with a reconfigurable mobile terminal based on Software Radio techniques. In particular, a Software Radio device is considered aiming at the identification of(More)
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