Marco Grzybowski

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This report describes a case of nodular posthitis caused by Halicephalobus gingivalis in a 24-year-old warmblood horse. Macroscopic examination revealed a multinodular, partially ulcerated mass on the external lamina of the prepuce. Nematode migration from unfixed biopsy material in phosphate-buffered saline revealed adult nematodes with the typical(More)
BACKGROUND Recent studies have reported that the prevalence of latex allergy among volunteer populations of health care workers ranges from 2% to 25%. To date, no epidemiologic study has investigated the prevalence of latex allergy and its relationship to possible risk factors among nurses. METHODS Registered nurses (n = 741) in a large metropolitan(More)
This retrospective study concerning 96 observations from 1984 to 1987 allows to estimate the incidence of anaphylactoid reactions, the risk factors and the drugs involved in these accidents. During these three years, 96 anaphylactoid reactions due to anaesthetic drugs were collected. These anaphylactoid reactions were investigated by intradermal skin tests(More)
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