Marco Giovagnoni

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An increase of bradykinin (BK) plasma levels together with the activation coagulation cascade, fibrinolysis, complement and cytokines was observed during cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB). Since the procedure of extracorporeal circulation completely excludes the lung, the major site of BK catabolism, our data suggest that a reduced catabolism could contribute to(More)
Stenosis of the canal secondary to poor consolidation of fractures of the distal radial epiphysis is one of the causes of compression on the median nerve of the wrist. Other post-traumatic compressive pathologies of the median nerve when there are no significant skeletal modifications caused by probable involvement of the soft tissues surrounding and within(More)
Nowadays, one of the main topics in robotics research is dynamic performance improvement by means of a lightening of the overall system structure. The effective motion and control of these lightweight robotic systems occurs with the use of suitable motion planning and control process. In order to do so, model‐ based approaches can be(More)
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