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BACKGROUND The allergological relevance of Ambrosia in Europe is growing but the efficacy of the injective immunotherapy for this allergen has been documented only in Northern America. OBJECTIVE We sought to study the safety and efficacy of injective immunotherapy in European patients sensitized to Ambrosia artemisiifolia. METHODS Thirty-two patients(More)
A bidirectional, low cost flowmeter for neonatal artificial ventilation, suitable for application in mono-patient breathing circuits, is described here. The sensing element consists of two nominally identical bipolar junction transistors employed as hot bodies. The sensor working principle is based on the convective heat transfer between the transistors,(More)
Heated wire humidifiers (HWHs) are employed in mechanical ventilation with the objective of heating and humidifying the gases delivered to the mechanical ventilator. They use a control based on the adjustment of gas temperature at the chamber outlet. The condensation occurring within the breathing circuit is one of the most important concerns related to(More)
In this paper we investigate three corporate governance issues in 30 Italian family firms: (i) the com governance (Openness Index) and the decision-making quality (Extension Index) and we analyze empirical results through a cluster analysis by following the Gubitta (2002). Our conclusion suggests that (i) to be consistent with the guidelines suggested by(More)
In the recent years, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) has emerged as a new risk management technique aimed to manage the portfolio of risks that faces an organization in a integrated, enterprisewide manner. Unlike traditional risk management, where individual risk categories are managed from a silo-based perspective, ERM involves an holistic view of risks(More)
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