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The global dynamics of weakly connected oscillatory networks is investigated: as a case study one-dimensional arrays of third order oscillators are considered. Through the joint application of the describing function technique and of Malkin's Theorem a very accurate analytical expression of the phase deviation equation (i.e. the equation that describes the(More)
The aim of the work is to develop theoretical methodologies and numerical techniques for the analysis and design of systems composed of memristive oscillators. In particular, we focus on networks made up of nonlinear oscillators with or without memristors interacting through resistive and/or memristive 'synapses'. Such methodologies will play a fundamental(More)
—Oscillatory nonlinear networks represent a circuit architecture for image and information processing. In particular they have associative properties and can be exploited for dynamic pattern recognition. In this manuscript the global dynamic behavior of weakly connected cellular networks of oscillators is investigated. It is assumed that each cell admits of(More)
The euphoric response to equivalent doses of intravenous methylphenidate (MTP) was assessed in a group of 13 Parkinsonian patients affected by major depression, in a group of 11 nondepressed Parkinsonians, in a group of 14 nonparkinsonian subjects suffering from major depression, and finally in a group of 12 controls with no CNS or psychiatric disease.(More)