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The global dynamics of weakly connected oscillatory networks is investigated: as a case study one-dimensional arrays of third order oscillators are considered. Through the joint application of the describing function technique and of Malkin's Theorem a very accurate analytical expression of the phase deviation equation (i.e. the equation that describes the(More)
—Oscillatory nonlinear networks represent a circuit architecture for image and information processing. In particular they have associative properties and can be exploited for dynamic pattern recognition. In this manuscript the global dynamic behavior of weakly connected cellular networks of oscillators is investigated. It is assumed that each cell admits of(More)
— This paper presents a spectral approach, based on the harmonic-balance technique, for detecting limit-cycle bifurca-tions in complex nonlinear circuits. The key step of the proposed approach is a method for a simple and effective computation of the Floquet multipliers (FM's) that yield stability and bifurcation conditions. As a case-study, a quite complex(More)
A topologically-simple Memristive-based Oscillatory Network showing a wide plethora of dynamical behaviors may be a good candidate for the realization of innovative oscillatory associative and dynamic memories for the recognition of spatial-temporal synchronization states. The design of such pattern recognition systems may not leave aside a preliminary(More)
— Cellular neural networks are dynamical systems , described by a large set of coupled nonlinear differential equations. The equilibrium point analysis is an important step for understanding the global dynamics and for providing design rules. We yield a set of sufficient conditions (and a simple algorithm for checking them) ensuring the existence of at(More)