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The global dynamics of weakly connected oscillatory networks is investigated: as a case study one-dimensional arrays of third order oscillators are considered. Through the joint application of the describing function technique and of Malkin’s Theorem a very accurate analytical expression of the phase deviation equation (i.e. the equation that describes the(More)
This paper presents a spectral approach, based on the harmonic-balance technique, for detecting limit-cycle bifurcations in complex nonlinear circuits. The key step of the proposed approach is a method for a simple and effective computation of the Floquet multipliers (FM’s) that yield stability and bifurcation conditions. As a case-study, a quite complex(More)
Cellular neural networks are dynamical systems, described by a large set of coupled nonlinear differential equations. The equilibrium point analysis is an important step for understanding the global dynamics and for providing design rules. We yield a set of sufficient conditions (and a simple algorithm for checking them) ensuring the existence of at least(More)