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Clinical conceptualization of workaholism
Workaholism is a behavioral addiction that, while widely studied, is still lacking a definition shared by the scientific community. The aim of this theoretical paper is to propose a new model that isExpand
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The Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale for Fathers: A contribution to the validation for an Italian sample.
OBJECTIVE The aims of the study are to contribute to the validation of the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS; Cox et al., 1987) on a sample of Italian fathers (both men in the perinatalExpand
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A psychometric exploration of an Italian translation of the SCOFF questionnaire.
The SCOFF is a quick and simple screening tool for eating disorders (EDs), intended for use by those who are not specialists in the field. The purpose of the present study is to explore theExpand
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Social anxiety and adolescence: Interpretation bias in an Italian Sample
Interpretation bias, namely the tendency to systematically assign a negative meaning to ambiguous social situations, has been extensively studied in adult populations, while in adolescents it hasExpand
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Antisocial and psychopathic personalities in a sample of addicted subjects: differences in psychological resources, symptoms, alexithymia and impulsivity.
OBJECTIVE Psychopathy and antisocial personality disorder (ASPD) are two constructs not interchangeable. Compared to the ASPD, psychopathy is characterized by lack of anxiety, low withdrawal, andExpand
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Attachment in Psychotherapy: Psychometric Properties of the Psychological Treatment Inventory Attachment Styles Scale (PTI-ASS)
Considering attachment as a principal that can link the main psychotherapy models, this study describes the creation of a new measure of Attachment in accordance both with Bowlby’s original theoriesExpand
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Measuring dysmorphic concern in Italy: psychometric properties of the Italian Body Image Concern Inventory (I-BICI).
The present research evaluated an Italian version of the Body Image Concern Inventory (I-BICI). A total of 412 Italian volunteers from Central and Southern Italy completed the measure (M=27.05 years,Expand
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Item Response Theory analysis of Fagerström Test for Cigarette Dependence.
INTRODUCTION The Fagerström Test for Cigarette Dependence (FTCD) and the Heaviness of Smoking Index (HSI) are the gold standard measures to assess cigarette dependence. However, FTCD reliability andExpand
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The Challenge of Fostering Healthy Organizations: An Empirical Study on the Role of Workplace Relational Civility in Acceptance of Change and Well-Being
The world of work in the twenty-first century is characterized by globalization, instability, and unavoidable change. Organizations need to develop a positive relational environment in the workplaceExpand
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