Marco Giammarini

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The JPEG architectures in literature do not implement many features defined in the standard, useful in several wireless applications, such as noise protection, components management and the possibility to change a lot of encoder parameters. The addition of these features alters the computational cost of the encoder, and this could lead to problems when the(More)
This paper presents a computational complexity estimate of a Distributed Speech Recognition front-end, compliant to ETSI Standard ES 202 212 and implemented at system-level in SystemC. This estimate allows to know which blocks of terminal front-end are more computational expensive, and therefore it may be useful, in an hardware implementation, to realize(More)
The rearing of bees is a quite difficult job since it requires experience and time. Beekeepers are used to take care of their bee colonies observing them and learning to interpret their behavior. Despite the rearing of bees represents one of the most antique human habits, nowadays bees risk the extinction principally because of the increasing pollution(More)
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