Marco Gherardi

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Proteins participating in a protein-protein interaction network can be grouped into homology classes following their common ancestry. Proteins added to the network correspond to genes added to the classes, so the dynamics of the two objects are intrinsically linked. Here we first introduce a statistical model describing the joint growth of the network and(More)
Genome replication, a key process for a cell, relies on stochastic initiation by replication origins, causing a variability of replication timing from cell to cell. While stochastic models of eukaryotic replication are widely available, the link between the key parameters and overall replication timing has not been addressed systematically. We use a(More)
Understanding the patterns of software evolution has a large practical importance: the knowledge of what can be considered " typical " can guide developers and engineers in recognizing and reacting to abnormal behavior. While the initial framework of a theory of software exists [1, 2], the current theoretical achievements do not fully capture existing(More)
We numerically test the correspondence between the scaling limit of self-avoiding walks (SAW) in the plane and Schramm-Loewner evolution (SLE) with κ = 8/3. We introduce a discrete-time process approximating SLE in the exterior of the unit disc and compare the distribution functions for an internal point in the SAW and a point at a fixed fractal variation(More)
We explore a definition of complexity based on logic functions, which are widely used as compact descriptions of rules in diverse fields of contemporary science. Detailed numerical analysis shows that (i) logic complexity is effective in discriminating between classes of functions commonly employed in modelling contexts; (ii) it extends the notion of(More)
Constraints can affect dramatically the behavior of diffusion processes. Recently, we analyzed a natural and a technological system and reported that they perform diffusion-like discrete steps displaying a peculiar constraint, whereby the increments of the diffusing variable are subject to configuration-dependent bounds. This work explores theoretically(More)
Monitoring drift ice in the Arctic and Antarctic regions directly and by remote sensing is important for the study of climate, but a unified modeling framework is lacking. Hence, interpretation of the data, as well as the decision of what to measure, represent a challenge for different fields of science. To address this point, we analyzed, using statistical(More)
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