Marco Gasparetto

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The identification of gestational diabetes (GDM) through appropriate screening and its subsequent treatment have not been demonstrated to limit neonatal malformations to date. This study aimed to detect congenital heart diseases in newborns of mothers with GDM by evaluating the existence of a correlation with maternal glycemic control. This observational(More)
Background. Though Helicobacter pylori (HP) infections have progressively declined throughout most of the industrialized countries, a gradual increase in failure of HP eradication treatments is observed. Aim. To critically review evidence on the efficacy of the therapeutic availabilities for HP eradication, as yet. Methods. A selection of Clinical Trials,(More)
BACKGROUND Early-onset (EO) pediatric inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) seem to be more extensive than those with a later onset. To test this hypothesis, we examined the phenotype and disease course of patients with IBD diagnosis at 0 to 5 years, compared with the ranges 6 to 11 and 12 to 18 years. METHODS Anatomic locations and behaviors were assessed(More)
Nutritional concerns, linear growth deficiency, and delayed puberty are currently detected in up to 85% of patients with Crohn's disease (CD) diagnosed at childhood. To provide advice on how to assess and manage nutritional concerns in these patients, a Medline search was conducted using "pediatric inflammatory bowel disease", "pediatric Crohn's disease",(More)
OBJECTIVES Inflammatory bowel disease [IBD] presenting in early childhood is extremely rare. More recently, progress has been made to identify children with monogenic forms of IBD predominantly presenting very early in life. In this study, we describe the heterogeneous phenotypes and genotypes of patients with IBD presenting before the age of 2 years and(More)
Editor—Intraperitoneal insufflation of carbon dioxide for laparoscopic surgery can produce cardiac depression that is poorly tolerated in high-risk cardiac patients with a low ejection fraction (EF). 2 Consequently, carboperitoneum is not advocated for morbidly obese patients with severe cardiac dysfunction. We describe our experience with a 48-yr-old man(More)
Background. The number of patients of all age brackets diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) has risen dramatically worldwide over the past 50 years. IBD's changing epidemiology suggests that environmental factors play a major role in modifying disease expression. Aim. To review studies carried out worldwide analyzing IBD epidemiology. Methods. A(More)
BACKGROUND The identification of specific serological algorithms allowing the diagnosis of celiac disease (CD) is a new challenge for both the clinic and the laboratory. We compared the diagnostic accuracy of three new tests proposed for CD screening with that of the well established IgA tTG, and ascertained whether any combination of these tools might(More)
BACKGROUND To validate the accuracy of SAPS II, APACHE III and TRISS for the prediction of mortality in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at polytrauma patients admission. The outcome of multiple trauma patients is often linked to the degree of physiologic dysfunction and to the extension of anatomic lesions, the age of the patient and the lesion mechanism. (More)
INTRODUCTION Infliximab (IFX) is one of the treatments of choice for the different phenotypes of pediatric Crohn's disease (CD). Although it was initially feared that anti-TNFα treatment might cause bowel stenosis, recent studies have validated the efficacy of IFX as an anti-stricturing agent. AIM To assess the efficacy of IFX treatment for pediatric(More)