Marco Frontini

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We compared three vaccination strategies in three rural communities in Mexico to determine the factors associated with the success of vaccination programs in areas where canine rabies is poorly controlled. In town A, intensive publicity and community participation were used; owners were instructed to bring their dogs to temporary centralized clinics for(More)
We evaluated four baits for the delivery of oral rabies vaccines to dogs. In a controlled study in a town in rural Mexico, 177 randomly selected dogs were assigned to receive one of four experimental baits (two of which were developed by the Denver Wildlife Research Center [DWRC]): one of two cylindrical polyurethane sponges with a corn meal coating (one(More)
was considered by Gantschi, Landau and Milovanovi~ [2]. Some applications of such orthogonal polynomials in numerical integration and numerical approximation of the first derivative of an analytic function were given by Milovanovi~ [3]. In this paper we consider the extensions of these results to the approximation of higher derivatives. In Section 2 we(More)
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