Marco Francesconi

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This study explores the relationship between individual wellbeing and atypical employment, which includes both temporary and part-time employment schemes. Individual wellbeing is measured in terms of subjective indicators of mental health, general health status, life satisfaction, and job satisfaction. It addresses four questions: (1) Are workers on a(More)
Adult Outcomes for Children of Teenage Mothers Using data from the British Household Panel Survey, this study examines the relationship between several outcomes in early adulthood (e.g., education, inactivity, earnings, and health) and being born to a teenage mother. Besides standard cross-sectional multivariate regression estimates, we also present(More)
This study evaluated the impact of a new epoetin alfa dosing regimen on quality of life (QOL), transfusion requirements, and hemoglobin (Hb) levels in 133 patients with low-risk myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) and Hb ≤10 g/dl. Epoetin alfa 40,000 IU was given subcutaneously twice weekly; after 4 weeks, the dose could be reduced to 40,000 IU weekly in(More)
This paper provides the first full account of intergenerational mobility in Britain using the British Household Panel Survey (BHPS) for the period 1991-1999. The estimates obtained from a sample of all adults who provide information on their parents’ occupation when they were aged 14 point to an intergenerational elasticity – measured in terms of(More)
This paper explores the relationship between the day of the week on which a survey respondent is interviewed and their self-reported job satisfaction and mental health scores using from the first ten years of the British Household Panel Survey. Evidence presented here confirms that self-reported levels of job satisfaction and subjective levels of mental(More)
BACKGROUND Early child health and development (ECD) is important for health in later life. Objectives were to (1) examine the extent of socioeconomic inequality in markers of ECD at ages 3 and 5 years; (2) examine whether the ECD-income gap widens between these ages; (3) assess the contribution of the home learning environment, family routines and(More)
We analyse the impact on schooling outcomes of growing up in a family headed by a single mother. Growing up in a non-intact family in Germany is associated with worse outcomes in models that do not control for possible correlations between common unobserved determinants of family structure and educational performance. But once endogeneity is accounted for,(More)
Marriage data show a strong degree of positive assortative mating along a variety of attributes. But since marriage is an equilibrium outcome, it is unclear whether positive sorting is the result of preferences rather than opportunities. We assess the relative importance of preferences and opportunities in dating behaviour, using unique data from a large(More)