Marco Francesco Morini

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The characterization of iron handling in neurons is still lacking, with contradictory and incomplete results. In particular, the relevance of non-transferrin-bound iron (NTBI), under physiologic conditions, during aging and in neurodegenerative disorders, is undetermined. This study investigates the mechanisms underlying NTBI entry into primary hippocampal(More)
The functional diversity of the arterial and venous endothelia is regulated through a complex system of signalling pathways and downstream transcription factors. Here we report that the transcription factor Sox17, which is known as a regulator of endoderm and hemopoietic differentiation, is selectively expressed in arteries, and not in veins, in the mouse(More)
Cerebral cavernous malformations (CCMs) are vascular malformations located within the central nervous system often resulting in cerebral hemorrhage. Pharmacological treatment is needed, since current therapy is limited to neurosurgery. Familial CCM is caused by loss-of-function mutations in any of Ccm1, Ccm2, and Ccm3 genes. CCM cavernomas are lined by(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW The development of a functionally and anatomically correct vascular network is a complex phenomenon that requires the combined activity of different signaling pathways and transcription factors. Notch signaling activation, for instance, is crucial for arterial specification. Here, we discuss the current knowledge on how other signaling(More)
The establishment of arterial and venous identity of endothelial cells is critical for the proper anatomic configuration and function of the vascular tree. Arterial and venous specification of endothelial cells is determined by genetic factors, although surrounding cells and hemodynamic forces may also contribute to vascular remodeling. This review provides(More)
Rationale: The mechanistic foundation of vascular maturation is still largely unknown. Several human pathologies are characterized by deregulated angiogenesis and unstable blood vessels. Solid tumours, for instance, get their nourishment from newly formed structurally abnormal vessels which present wide and irregular inter-endothelial junctions. Expression(More)
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