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Information overload on the Internet motivates the need for filtering tools. Recommender systems play a significant role in such a scenario, as they provide automatically generated suggestions. In this paper, we propose a novel recommendation approach, based on semantic networks exploration. Given a set of celebrity gossip news articles, our systems(More)
In the digital era, Wikipedia represents a comprehensive cross-domain source of knowledge with millions of contributors. The DBpedia project transforms Wikipedia content into RDF and currently plays a crucial role in the Web of Data as a central multilingual interlinking hub. However, its main classification system depends on human curation, which causes it(More)
Crowdsourcing techniques applied to natural language processing have recently experienced a steady growth and represent a cheap and fast, albeit valid, solution to create benchmarks and training data. Nevertheless, some particularly complex tasks such as semantic role annotation have been rarely conducted in a crowdsourcing environment, due to their(More)
We present a description of basic concepts of the cognitive-behavioural approach in obese patients with binge eating disorders. In the first place, we propose the process leading to a behavioural reorganization. Then, we evoke some components of the cognitive restructuring that allow to understand the link between an event and binge eating disorders. We(More)
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