Marco Forconesi

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The rise of network speeds to tens of gigabits per second poses a challenge to develop packet processing applications that can cope with such bit rates. Therefore, the need for a suitable open source system that can be used as a prototype platform to test new network functionality while ensuring line-rate processing, accurate timestamping, and reduced power(More)
In this paper we present TNT10G (multi-Terabyte trace Network Tester), an FPGA-based tool for replaying and capturing massive Ethernet traces at 10 Gb/s. The tool is capable of reproducing and storing terabytes of network traffic at line rate, even if small packets are being used. Moreover, since the design works at low level (XGMII), accuracy is better(More)
In this paper we present an FPGA-based architecture to export flows in 10 Gbps networks, implemented on the NetFPGA-10G platform. Flow-based monitoring is a powerful methodology to analyze and detect network issues, such as congested links or DDoS attacks. Our design provides the following advantages: (i) The architecture allows processing 10 Gbps links(More)
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