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From its initial discovery in the Gulf of Mexico in the late 1940s until 1990, Perkinsus marinus, the parasite responsible for Dermo disease in the eastern oyster, Crassostrea virginica, was rarely found north of Chesapeake Bay. In 1990–92, an apparent range extension of the parasite led to epizootic outbreaks of the disease over a 500 km range north of(More)
Using a 3.5-MHz duplex Doppler system, 45 normal-growth and 45 growth-retarded fetuses were studied between 30-41 weeks' gestation. Velocity recordings were obtained from the middle cerebral artery and umbilical artery to calculate the ratio between the two pulsatility indexes. The cerebral-umbilical Doppler ratio is usually constant during the last 10(More)
Efficient and reliable techniques are key factors in the delivery of multimedia information over networks such as mobile ad hoc networks and the internet. Existing works tend to mix source coding techniques like multiple description coding and scalability with network techniques such as path diversity and forward error correction capabilities (FEC) or more(More)
Rate vs. quality is a crucial trade off not only for efficient video coding and transmission but also for adaptive transmission strategies in wireless networks and/or congestionprone networks. Scalable coders are well suited to tackle the time-varying capacities of these environments. In this paper we propose a semi-analytical model suitable for the medium(More)
The most recent literature indicates multiple description coding (MDC) as a promising coding approach to handle the problem of video transmission over unreliable networks with different quality and bandwidth constraints. In this work, we describe an approach that moves from the concept of spatial MDC and improves coding efficiency by exploiting some form of(More)
In this paper we introduce some significant improvements to a well known algorithm for multicast in overlay networks, namely ZigZag. The improvements are mainly related to a better handling of peer churn, avoiding service interruption to the subtree rooted at the departed node. Since the target is a video streaming service, additional constraints are(More)
1 In the immediate future video distribution applications will increase their diffusion thanks to the ever-increasing user capabilities and improvements in the Internet access speed and performance. The target of this paper is to propose a content delivery system for real-time streaming services based on a peer-to-peer approach that exploits multicast(More)