Marco Floriani

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Nationalization and Globalization Trends in the Wild Mushroom Commerce of Italy with Emphasis on Porcini ( Boletus edulis and Allied Species). This paper presents an historical overview of wild mushroom commerce in Italy, with a focus on recent trends in the production of porcini (Boletus edulis and closely allied species). Over the past century, two major(More)
From March 1980 to February 1988, 368 aorto-iliac or aorto-femoral bilateral reconstructions were performed for aneurysmal or occlusive disease. In order to demonstrate early postreconstructive ischaemic complications, the intra-operative Doppler Ankle Pressure Index (API) was measured immediately before reconstruction (PRE), just after declamping (DEC) and(More)
The authors report their experience with intraoperative Doppler spectrum analysis of carotid flow after thromboendoarterectomy. The method seems to be useful in the early localisation of technical defects potentially responsible for postoperative stroke. In 22 patients operated on consecutively, three major abnormalities were detected, one of the internal(More)
The anamnestic, clinical, laboratory, radiological and intraoperative data on 34 consecutive patients affected by acute intestinal ischemia or infarction, caused by superior mesenteric obstructive and nonocclusive pathology were collected and assessed. The aim of this study is the identification of the factors influencing the prognosis which in this disease(More)
Within a group of 2,000 patients evaluated, most of them with symptoms of cerebrovascular insufficiency, 441 had a monolateral or bilateral cervical bruit. The 627 sides with an audible bruit were divided into main groups (A) symptomatic (TIA and/or stroke homolateral to the bruit), (B) possibly symptomatic (non-side-related symptoms), (C) asymptomatic (C1,(More)
Between January 1982 and June 1985, 2000 patients with either symptoms of cerebrovascular insufficiency (1873) or asymptomatic cervical bruits (127) were studied at the Surgical Department of the University of Brescia (Italy). Of these, 441 presented a mono- or bilateral cervical bruit. The value of the bruit as indicator of an obstructive pathology of the(More)
The discrepancy in the literature about the immediate results after carotid endarterectomy in the presence of occluded or seriously stenotic contralateral carotid artery, has encouraged a retrospective study on 230 patients subjected to 255 carotid endarterectomies. 63 operations (group 1) were carried out in the presence of occluded contralateral carotid(More)
Atherosclerotic lesions obstructing the external carotid artery are generally disregarded in the evaluation of patients with symptoms of cerebral ischemia; nevertheless, in the presence of occlusion of the ipsilateral or of both the internal carotid arteries, external carotid artery endarterectomy may be indicated, in order to increase the flow to the brain(More)
We have examined the HDL-cholesterol and the HDL-cholesterol/total cholesterol ratio on 83 diabetic patients within the age of 45 and 65 and on other 54 control subjects without finding troubles of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. Important differences haven't emerged comparing these two groups as regards the studied parameters, so we can conclude the(More)
A retrospective study of 20 patients with somatosensory seizures is undertaken. The cases were obtained from the series of 1000 patient histories from the Division Epilepsy of the Neurological Institute of Montevideo. Several clinical variables are analyzed and especially the etiological factors are studied. A high incidence of surgical treatable causes was(More)