Marco Fattori

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Anderson localization of waves in disordered media was originally predicted fifty years ago, in the context of transport of electrons in crystals. The phenomenon is much more general and has been observed in a variety of systems, including light waves. However, Anderson localization has not been observed directly for matter waves. Owing to the high degree(More)
Symmetry-breaking interactions have a crucial role in many areas of physics, ranging from classical ferrofluids to superfluid (3)He and d-wave superconductivity. For superfluid quantum gases, a variety of new physical phenomena arising from the symmetry-breaking interaction between electric or magnetic dipoles are expected. Novel quantum phases in optical(More)
We demonstrate a Doppler-free spectroscopic method that we test on 87 Rb and 85 Rb vapor. By using a magnetic field to induce a dichroism on the sample, we generate a dispersive signal with low background, which allows us to lock a diode laser even on small spectroscopic features. We elaborate the advantages of this simple and easy method by comparing it to(More)
In this work the radiation of the electromagnetic field due to partial discharges throughout the insulation spacer of Gas Insulated Switchgears is investigated. Radiation can be described in terms of resonant modes of the slot between the metallic bolts and of the parallel plate between the metallic flanges. The geometrical characteristics of the spacer,(More)
  • H E Kay, H L C Coutinho, M Fattori, G P Manfiof3t, R Go~dacre, M P Nutit +2 others
  • 2008
Pyrolysis mass spectrometry (PYMS) and PCR using arbitrary primers were used to characterize strains of Bradyrhizobium japonicum isolated from fields in northern Italy. The combination of techniques allowed us to identify bacteria derived from inoculants and to demonstrate that information about the nature of one inoculant was incorrect. PYMS also indicated(More)
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