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Transport between compartments of eukaryotic cells is mediated by coated vesicles. The archetypal protein coats COPI, COPII, and clathrin are conserved from yeast to human. Structural studies of COPII and clathrin coats assembled in vitro without membranes suggest that coat components assemble regular cages with the same set of interactions between(More)
Mass spectrometry is the method of choice for deep and reliable exploration of the (human) proteome. Targeted mass spectrometry reliably detects and quantifies pre-determined sets of proteins in a complex biological matrix and is used in studies that rely on the quantitatively accurate and reproducible measurement of proteins across multiple samples. It(More)
A software system for topic extraction and automatic document classification is presented. Given a set of documents, the system automatically extracts the mentioned topics and assists the user to select their optimal number. The user-validated topics are exploited to build a model for multi-label document classification. While topic extraction is performed(More)
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