Marco Emilio Bazuro

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We conducted a colorectal cancer (CRC) screening program, in which public pharmacies provided the faecal occult blood test (FOBT), addressed to 50-70 years residents of 12th Municipality of Rome. A total of 5003 subjects were invited and 1103 (22.0%) performed the screening test, the adjusted compliance was 24.0%. Among 72 (6.5%) FOBT-positive subjects, 50(More)
Inflammatory bowel disease characteristically affects young adults in their reproductive ages. Thus the medication used for the treatment of active disease should not compromise fertility and, also, should not have teratogenic effect on baby. A lot of data are available about effects of steroids, antibiotics, and mesalazine but no data are available about(More)
The authors report the results of their study on the relations between gastric ulcer and malignancy. The diagnostic problem involves three separate aspects: a) the discrimination between an ulcerated advanced malignancy and a benign gastric ulcer; b) the identification of a true or only presumed «early cancer», coexistent with a benign peptic disease; c)(More)
The prevalence of erosive lesions was found to be 27.5% in 11838 cases examined during the last 10 years. In almost 66% of the cases, erosive lesions were localized in the duodenal bulb but mainly isolated and less often in the antro-pyloric area. In 55% of the cases, duodenal erosions coexist with ulcerative peptic disease, 20% in "active" phase and 35% in(More)
We have carried out a longitudinal study in order to confirm our preliminary data on the heavier involvement of the duodenum compared to the stomach after non aspirin non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). 53 patients with upper digestive haemorrhage due to recent intake of NSAIDs without preexisting known peptic pathology -28 p. from aspirin and(More)
Les auteurs ont étudié, dans 42 cas de gastrite chronique prouvée par l’histologie, les corrélations entre les altérations histopathologiques et les aspects morphologiques analysés grâce à un endoscope à optique grossissante et à une utilisation des colorations vitales au bleu de méthylène et au bleu de toluidine. Cette étude permet d’évaluer la valeur(More)
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