Marco Degner

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Confluent cultures of aortic endothelial cells contain two different cell-cell adhesion mechanisms distinguished by their requirement for calcium during trypsinization and adhesion. A hybridoma clone was isolated producing a monoclonal antibody Ec6C10, which inhibits Ca2(+)-dependent adhesion of endothelial cells. There was no inhibition of(More)
Sequencing of at least 13 Staphylococcus aureus isolates has shown that genomic plasticity impacts significantly on the repertoire of virulence factors. However, genome sequencing does not reveal which genes are expressed by individual isolates. Here, we have therefore performed a comprehensive survey of the composition and variability of the S. aureus(More)
We have used a microcomputer program to test eukaryotic mRNA 5'-leader sequences for complementarity to the 3'-terminus of 18S rRNA. No mismatched bases, bulge loops, or viral mRNA's were utilized. At least one-fourth of the more than 200 mRNA's studied were found to have two distinct regions of complementarity which resulted in an ability to bind to two(More)
In the rabbit, ovulation and conception occur during an 8-10 hour period immediately following mating ("reflex ovulation"). We report here that live Newcastle disease virus (NDV; an avian paramyxovirus) injected into rabbits immediately following mating resulted in a high frequency of embryo death at a wide range of developmental stages. When measured at(More)
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