Marco Daniele

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We improve the state-of-the-art algorithm for obtaining an automaton from a linear temporal logic formula. The automaton is intended to be used for model checking, as well as for satisfiability checking. Therefore, the algorithm is mainly concerned with keeping the automaton as small as possible. The experimental results show that our algorithm outperforms(More)
Auditory hallucinations are experienced by 60-80% of person with schizophrenia and can often cause significant distress behavioural dyscontrol. The application of rTMS in the left temporoparietal cortex could modulate the neuronal activation and reduce the occurrence of auditory disperceptions. Sixteen schizophrenic patients (treated with atypical(More)
Simulation is a powerful tool in the development cycle of distributed systems; it has long been studied and practiced. The present paper presents an approach to timed interactive simulation based on the execution of timed CSP-like models; the language presented is PROMELA+, derived from PROMELA with the extension to temporal quantification. The whole(More)
This report has been submitted forr publication outside of ITC and will probably be copyrighted if accepted for publication. It has been issued as a Technical Report forr early dissemination of its contents. In view of the transfert of copy right too the outside publisher, its distribution outside of ITC priorr to publication should be limited to peer(More)
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