Marco Cornolti

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In this paper we design and implement a benchmarking framework for fair and exhaustive comparison of entity-annotation systems. The framework is based upon the definition of a set of problems related to the entity-annotation task, a set of measures to evaluate systems performance, and a systematic comparative evaluation involving all publicly available(More)
We present GERBIL, an evaluation framework for semantic entity annotation. The rationale behind our framework is to provide developers, end users and researchers with easy-to-use interfaces that allow for the agile, fine-grained and uniform evaluation of annotation tools on multiple datasets. By these means, we aim to ensure that both tool developers and(More)
The SMAPH system implements a pipeline of four main steps: (1) Fetching -- it fetches the search results returned by a search engine given the query to be annotated; (2) Spotting -- search result snippets are parsed to identify candidate mentions for the entities to be annotated. This is done in a novel way by detecting the keywords-in-context by looking at(More)
Abstractive text summarization of news requires a way of representing events, such as a collection of pattern clusters in which every cluster represents an event (e.g., marriage) and every pattern in the cluster is a way of expressing the event (e.g., X married Y, X and Y tied the knot). We compare three ways of extracting event patterns: heuristics-based,(More)
Voice-over-IP protocols (e.g., SIP) are vulnerable to many types of attacks. One core challenge in preventing VoIP attacks is to assess the trustworthiness of the caller’s identity. Further, spoofing attacks must be prevented by verifying that the call has been initiated by the user belonging to the caller’s identity. In this paper, we propose to adapt a(More)
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