Marco Constante

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Here, we propose a framework for the design of synthetic protein networks from modular protein-protein or protein-peptide interactions and provide a starter toolkit of protein building blocks. Our proof of concept experiments outline a general work flow for part-based protein systems engineering. We streamlined the iterative BioBrick cloning protocol and(More)
The ultimate goal of synthetic biology is the conception and construction of genetic circuits that are reliable with respect to their designed function (e.g. oscillators, switches). This task remains still to be attained due to the inherent synergy of the biological building blocks and to an insufficient feedback between experiments and mathematical models.(More)
Researchers often require customised variations of plasmids that are not commercially available. Here we demonstrate the applicability and versatility of standard synthetic biological parts (biobricks) to build custom plasmids. For this purpose we have built a collection of 52 parts that include multiple cloning sites (MCS) and common protein tags, protein(More)
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