Marco Cocconcelli

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Generalized roughness is the most common damage occurring to rolling bearings. It produces a frequency spreading of the characteristic fault frequencies, thus making it difficult to detect with spectral or envelope analysis. A statistical analysis of typical bearing faults is proposed here in order to identify the spreading bandwidth related to specific(More)
High production rate machinery is more sensitive to stops and maintenance strategy due to higher loss of production. This paper presents the initial steps of a methodology which aim to realize a condition monitoring system to be embedded on a medicine capsule filler machine. The first required is the gathering and classifying of the machine criticalities,(More)
This paper investigates the influence of external radial load applied to the shaft on bearing fault detection based on vibration or current in induction motors operating under different conditions. This paper details the results of a laboratory trial comprising different test sets on the condition monitoring and fault diagnostic of a six-poles induction(More)
This experimental study is aimed at automatically classify the large indistinct group of children affected by diplegic Cerebral Palsy (CP), into four main clinical forms characterized by homogeneous walking patterns as clinically proposed by Ferrari et al. [1]. The classification is based on the use of data gathered on 104 patients at LAMBDA (Laboratorio(More)
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