Marco Civolani

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A shoe-based interface is presented, which enables users to play percussive virtual instruments by tapping their feet. The wearable interface consists of a pair of sandals equipped with four force sensors and four actuators affording audio-tactile feedback. The sensors provide data via wireless transmission to a host computer, where they are processed and(More)
With " Shoes-Your-Style " we introduce the entertaining possibility to change auditory feedback and sound of footsteps when walking indoor and outdoor, to alter the nature (or " style ") of shoes and contacts with the ground. This approach requires two components: a step detector and a sound generator. Artificial sounds of footsteps can be generated and(More)
This article presents a nonlinear discrete-time model of the EMS VCS3 voltage-controlled filters. The development of the model is based on the study of the filter circuitry and its behavior in the time domain. From this circuitry a system of nonlinear differential equations has been derived describing the dynamics in regime of large signals. The digital(More)
A previously developed nonlinear differential equation system, representative of the diode-based voltage-controlled filter on board of the EMS VCS3 analog synthesizer, can be modeled in terms of a filter network. The properties of this network can be converted block-by-block into a discrete-time version of the same model, in which the relationships existing(More)
An exploratory experiment was carried out in which subjects with different musical skills were asked to play a digital piano keyboard, first by following a specific key sequence and style of execution, and then performing freely. Judgments of perceived sound quality were recorded in three different settings, including standard use of the digital piano with(More)
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