Marco Cei

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In clinical practice lung ultrasound (LUS) is becoming an easy and reliable noninvasive tool for the evaluation of dyspnea. The aim of this study was to assess the accuracy of nurse-performed LUS, in particular, in the diagnosis of acute cardiogenic pulmonary congestion. We prospectively evaluated all the consecutive patients admitted for dyspnea in our(More)
Introduction Since the introduction of low-molecular weight heparins for safely treating deep vein thrombosis, outpatient treatment of this condition became a standard practice worldwide. Certain groups of patients were not represented in clinical trials of home treatment; however, they still need to be admitted. In deciding which patient to admit,(More)
BACKGROUND Polydactyly is a congenital anomaly with a wide range of manifestations that occurs in many forms, ranging from varying degrees of mere splitting to completely duplicated thumb. When duplication occurs alone, it is usually unilateral and sporadic. CASE PRESENTATION In this case report we describe an otherwise healthy 19-year-old woman of(More)
Sir, In their concise review on evolving treatment strategies for myeloma, Morgan and Davies (2005) stated that 'early death was, and still is, a significant problem, and addressing the causes of this is important including early diagnosis, the treatment of infection, hydration and the choice of the most appropriate chemotherapy'. The most common presenting(More)
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