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We review topics of current interest in the physics of electronic, atomic and molecular scattering in the vicinity of thresholds. Starting from phase space arguments, we discuss the modifications of the Wigner law that are required to deal with scattering by Coulomb, dipolar and dispersion potentials, as well as aspects of threshold behaviour observed in(More)
A nuclear wave-packet description of the photodissociation of LiF is described, with emphasis on the dynamics associated with the formation of long-lived resonances. The predissociation is described using ab initio potential-energy curves and transition dipole matrix elements. The split operator method is used to propagate time-dependent coupled-channel(More)
A new index named Air Quality Balance Index (AQBI), which is able to characterise the amount of pollution level in a selected area, is proposed. This index is a function of the ratios between pollutant concentration values and their standards; it aims at identifying all situations in which there is a possible environmental risk even when several pollutants(More)
The Normalized Radar Cross Section in SAR images depends on the incidence angle, on the wind intensity as well as on the angle between the radar beam and the wind direction; at incidence angles < 20° the specular reflection is prevailing while at greater angles Bragg mechanism predominates. A surface slick damps short waves and its presence is revealed by(More)
The Bormida River Basin, located in the northwestern region of Italy, has been strongly contaminated by the ACNA chemical factory. This factory was in operation from 1892 to 1998, and contamination from the factory has had deleterious consequences on the water quality, agriculture, natural ecosystems and human health. Attempts have been made to remediate(More)
The solution of the many-body Schrödinger equation using an adiabatic treatment of the hyperradius is generalized to treat two components of a hyperspherical vector adiabatically. This treatment has advantages in certain physical situations, such as the description of a degenerate Fermi gas or Bose-Einstein condensate in an anisotropic trapping potential. A(More)
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