Marco Castellano

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Face recognition is an obviously interesting research area, due to its applicability in a biometric system both in commercial both in security fields. In this paper a Pseudo 2- Dimension Hidden Markov Model (P2D-HMM) combined with three different observation-sequence-based methods is introduced for face recognition. The P2D-HMM proposed, is applied to five(More)
Face recognition is a very challenging issue and has attracted much attention over past decades. First a 3D mesh model of face is manipulated to calculate the geodesic distances on triangulated surface by the dasiafast marching on triangulated domainspsila (FMTD) numerical algorithm. Then these are processed by multidimensional scaling in order to embed the(More)
Nowadays a special attention is paid to the quality of teaching valued in terms of efficacy of students' knowledge at the exit of its formative period. This efficacy depends both on the quality of formative iter and on the way formative activities are planned in a single teaching. Not since a lot of time has re-emerged the importance of tutoring as ad hoc(More)
A new digital receiver is realized to elaborate signals from nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). The proposed system replaces as much analog electronics as possible with digital electronics. The receiver can detect NMR signals in a frequency range of 0.5-90 MHz with direct detection and higher frequency with undersampling. The user can set parameters as(More)
This paper presents an Application Specific Instruction-set Processor (ASIP) for the realization of Hard Disk Drive Regular Servo Sequencer (RSS) and the related firmware for its reconfiguration. The proposed architecture is a 12 bit Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC) processor with 32 registers, Harvard architecture memory and 19 I/O ports. The(More)
A new active contour model (ACM) algorithm for the detection of the contour of bi-dimensional regions is presented. The algorithm is based on the simulation of an elastic band glued to the contour of the region under analysis. As a result a local convex hull is obtained, where the radius of the concave regions included by the elastic band is defined by(More)
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