Marco Buonocore

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Real-time tissue elastography (RTE), acoustic radiation force impulse (ARFI) imaging, and transient elastography (TE) are new technologies that are used for liver stiffness evaluation. The aim of this study was to compare these methods in the same population and to determine their diagnostic accuracy in the prediction of liver fibrosis. Forty-five(More)
Biliary cyst tumors (cystadenoma and cystadeno-carcinoma) are an indication for liver resection. They account for only 5% of all solitary cystic lesions of the liver, but differential diagnosis with multiloculated or complicated biliary cysts, atypical hemangiomas, hamartomas and lymphangiomas may be difficult. The most frequent challenge is to(More)
A technique for the assessment of single kidney hemodynamic functions utilizing a novel MR pulse sequence in conjunction with MR contrast material administration is described. Renal extraction fraction (EF) is derived by measuring the concentration of the incoming contrast agent in the renal artery and the outgoing concentration in the renal vein. The(More)
BACKGROUND Several studies in healthy populations have investigated normal liver stiffness on transient elastography, but none has excluded subjects with fatty liver. AIMS To define normal liver stiffness and its determinants in 923 healthy voluntary blood donors with and without fatty liver. METHODS Seven hundred and forty six subjects were analyzed(More)
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