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INTRODUCTION Runx2 is one of the most studied transcription factors expressed in mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) upon their commitment toward an osteogenic differentiation. During endochondral bone formation in vivo, Sox9 directly interacts with Runx2 and represses its activity; however, the role of Sox9 in direct osteogenesis in vitro has been largely(More)
Proper development of the vascular system as one of the earliest and most critical steps during vertebrate embryogenesis is ensured by the exact spatial and temporal control of gene expression in cells forming the vessel network. Whereas the regulation of vascular system development is well elucidated on the level of ligand-receptor signaling, the processes(More)
BACKGROUND: Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) are a heterogeneous population of adult stem cells characterized by their self-renewal capability and their multidifferentiation potential into several cell types of the mesenchymal lineage. Current isolation methods of MSCs are still rudimentary due to the lack of unique markers that characterize this stem cell(More)
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