Marco Breiter

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We present the conceptual basis and a prototypical implementation of a software framework for syntactical and semantical similarities between ontology instances. Our focus comprises both the implementation of specific, ontology-based similarity measures and their flexible, efficient, and extensible combination.
Elecln~chemic~d pn~:es~c~ occun'ing ,*kt fire inlerf~lce platinnmly|lria==~,~l~lbilized zirconia were investigaled by cyclic vol|aml)]¢lry and polentiostalic currenlo~poleatial curves, laken n|lder ~leatly~slate condilions, in different mixtures of oxygen and nitrogen at ~e|nperalures between 3tX) and fi00°C. Point or paste electrt~des were used~ The(More)
Eleelroehemlcal processes occurring at the ~oldlyltria stabtlised zir¢onia interface were studied by cyclic voltammelry ~nd sleadyo ~late current potential curves in different mixture~ of oxygen and nitrogen at temperatnre~ between 300 and 61X}°C, Poirll and j~l~le electrode~ we~ employed. The equilibrium of the oxygen electrode is not established at(More)
Two gasotight cells with appropriate electrodes were constructed of transparent polypropyletle and kep! at con,ltalll temperature in a water bath. Simultaneous measuren)ents o1' pH, conductivity and temperature as a function of time were can*ted out in the first cell containing a solutiolt with the molar ratio (TMOS:H,O:HCI) of 1:4:10 '~ or 1:4:11) ~ 4. The(More)
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