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We present the conceptual basis and a prototypical implementation of a software framework for syntactical and semantical similarities between ontology instances. Our focus comprises both the implementation of specific, ontology-based similarity measures and their flexible, efficient, and extensible combination.
Elecln~chemic~d pn~:es~c~ occun'ing ,*kt fire inlerf~lce platinnmly|lria==~,~l~lbilized zirconia were investigaled by cyclic vol|aml)]¢lry and polentiostalic currenlo~poleatial curves, laken n|lder ~leatly~slate condilions, in different mixtures of oxygen and nitrogen at ~e|nperalures between 3tX) and fi00°C. Point or paste electrt~des were used~ The(More)
Eleelroehemlcal processes occurring at the ~oldlyltria stabtlised zir¢onia interface were studied by cyclic voltammelry ~nd sleadyo ~late current potential curves in different mixture~ of oxygen and nitrogen at temperatnre~ between 300 and 61X}°C, Poirll and j~l~le electrode~ we~ employed. The equilibrium of the oxygen electrode is not established at(More)
Two gasotight cells with appropriate electrodes were constructed of transparent polypropyletle and kep! at con,ltalll temperature in a water bath. Simultaneous measuren)ents o1' pH, conductivity and temperature as a function of time were can*ted out in the first cell containing a solutiolt with the molar ratio (TMOS:H,O:HCI) of 1:4:10 '~ or 1:4:11) ~ 4. The(More)
Four-probe impedance spectra of polycrystalline cation conductors: NASICON, Na b0-alumina and Ag b0-alumina, were measured in the frequency range from 10 Hz to 100 kHz with the aid of high sensitivity, high input impedance preamplifiers. Dispersion associated with the grain boundary polarization was observed below room temperature. The frequency dependent(More)
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