Marco Branciforte

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We present a novel sensorized mat for monitoring infant's posture through the measure of pressure maps. The pressure-sensitive mat is based on an optoelectronic technology developed in the last few years at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna: a soft silicone skin cover, which constitutes the mat, participates in the transduction principle and provides the mat with(More)
We consider the autonomous driving of real vehicles as a challenging framework where Robotics-oriented approach might be effective in solve complex tasks. Here we discuss some of the autonomous navigation features in order to set up an environment to develop neural control systems for automotive autonomous driving. In this work we introduce the Evolutionary(More)
The general approach for quantum algorithm (QA) simulation on classical computer is introduced. Efficient fast algorithm and corresponding SW for simulation of Grover's quantum search algorithm (QSA) in large unsorted database and fuzzy simulation is presented. Comparison with common QA simulation approach is demonstrated. Hardware (HW) design method of(More)
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