Marco Bottinelli

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This study was concerned with the assumed role that the frontal eye fields could play in the mechanisms of: the voluntary saccade optokinetic responses. Ten patients with frontal lobe tumors (8 unilateral, 2 bilateral) and two patients with a right hemispherectomy were studied. EOG and EEG were performed in the same session. Left and right voluntary(More)
Canine herpesvirus-1 (CaHV-1) is a globally distributed pathogen causing reproductive, respiratory, ocular and neurological disorders in adult dogs and neonatal death in puppies. This pathogen is considered poorly immunogenic, and neutralizing antibodies are found for only a short time following exposure. Further, seroprevalence can be affected by several(More)
Electro-oculograms of induced optokinetic responses (OKR) and EEG were recorded in 61 patients with either left or right hemisphere lesions. Of the 61 patients 55 showed focal EEG disturbances as follows: occipito-temporal (7 cases), parieto-temporal (10 cases), occipito-parieto-temporal (26 cases), temporal (9 cases) and frontal (3 cases). Symmetric OKR(More)
PURPOSE With more than 120 species, the genus Mycoplasma is one of the largest taxa in the class Mollicutes, a group of micro-organisms that are characterized by apparent simplicity and to which important animal pathogens belong. Mycoplasmabovis is the most frequently identified pathogenic Mycoplasma in cattle; however, the prevalence of other Mycoplasma(More)