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This article discusses the scientifically and industrially important problem of automating the process of unloading goods from standard shipping containers. We outline some of the challenges barring further adoption of robotic solutions to this problem, ranging from handling a vast variety of shapes, sizes, weights, appearances, and packing arrangements of(More)
The EU funded project RobLog recently developed a system able to autonomously unload coffee sacks from a standard container. Being the first of its kind, a further development is needed in order for the system to be competitive against manual labor. Financing this development entails a risk, hence a justified skepticism, which can be overcome by the(More)
The paper deals with the mechanical behaviour of " bimrock " (block in matrix rock), characterized by a heterogeneous structure, constituted by rock blocks included in a small-grained, well-cemented material (matrix) with lower mechanical characteristics. The bimrock is a very peculiar material that may give rise to serious problems in engineering(More)
[1] Small-scale centrifuge models were used to investigate the role of continental rift structure in controlling patterns of magma migration and emplacement. Experiments considered the reactivation of weakness zones in the lower crust and the presence of magma at Moho depths. Results suggest that surface deformation, which reflects the weakness zone(More)
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