Marco Bonanno

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— In video streaming services, the playout begins when the queue length of the receiver buffer is above a threshold. This threshold must be large to reduce the buffer underflow probability and absorb the bit rate variations caused by the wireless channel. On the other hand, it is important to reduce this threshold in order to reduce the initial playout(More)
Among the age-related pathophysiological alterations of the brain, the anomalies of the white matter are becoming of increasing interest at both pathological and clinical levels. Wherever specific pathologies of the white matter can be excluded, the still encountered anomalies are generally defined as leukoaraiosis (from the Greek words white and(More)
Recent discoveries highlight the emerging role of estrogens in the initiation and progression of different malignancies through their interaction with stem cell (SC) compartment. Estrogens play a relevant role especially for those tumors bearing a gender disparity in incidence and aggressiveness, as occurs for most thyroid diseases. Although several(More)
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