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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the efficacy of interferon-beta (IFN-beta) in the re-treatment of patients with chronic hepatitis C who did not respond to IFN-alpha monotherapy. PATIENTS AND METHODS Thirty patients (24 men and six women; mean age, 41 +/- 13 (SD) years; range, 23-62 years), with chronic hepatitis C that was non-responsive to a standard course of(More)
Complications of celiotomy incisions were evaluated retrospectively in 274 horses that survived at least 1 month after surgery, or died or were euthanatized within 1 month of surgery, as a direct result of these complications. Horses were divided into four groups; group A, a ventral median celiotomy for intestinal disease; group B, ventral median celiotomy(More)
Little is known about the source and spread ofHelicobacter pylori, but transmission from infected family contacts has been suggested. We have therefore investigated 15 children with peptic ulcer and their first-degree relatives forH. pylori. Serum anti-H. pylori IgG, pepsinogen I, and gastrin levels were measured. Endoscopy was carried out on the children(More)
A large granulosa cell tumor was believed to be responsible for causing obstruction and subsequent rupture of the small colon in a 10-year-old Quarter Horse mare. Two months earlier, a mass, tentatively diagnosed as granulosa cell tumor of the left ovary, had been identified by means of rectal palpation and ultrasonography. The mare was evaluated for(More)
Candida overgrowth in gastric juice of peptic ulcer subjects under therapy with H2-receptor (H2-R) antagonists has been detected in 21.4 and 53.8% of cases after short- and long-term treatment respectively, and in 8% of controls. Both types of H2-R antagonists, ranitidine and cimetidine, were equally associated with production of yeasts. The location of(More)
Suspensory ligaments (SL) from 32 Thoroughbreds and 32 Standardbreds were collected to evaluate the variation in muscle content with respect to age, breed, sex, limb, and use. Six transverse sections, each 3 to 5 mm thick, were obtained from each SL. Four sections were taken from the body of the SL and 1 from the midportion of each branch. Sections were(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the relationship between pre-treatment levels of anti-hepatitis C virus (HCV) immunoglobulin M (IgM) antibodies and the outcome of interferon therapy, and also the relationship with genotypes and quantitative viraemia. PATIENTS One hundred and four patients with biopsy-proven chronic hepatitis C without cirrhosis, consecutively(More)
The case records, radiographs, and nuclear bone scans of 58 horses with stress reactions or stress fractures of the proximal palmar aspect of the third metacarpal bone (MC3) were reviewed. There were 47 Standardbreds, 4 Quarter Horses, 3 Thoroughbreds, 2 Arabians, 1 Oldenburg, and 1 Pony of America. Fifty-six of the horses were racehorses or performance(More)