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Reggio Emilia hospital installed Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS) as the final step towards a completely digital clinical environment completing the HIS/EMR and 1,400 web/terminals for patient information access. Financial benefits throughout the hospital were assessed upfront and measured periodically. Key indicators (radiology exam(More)
We experimentally demonstrate real-time error-free transmission for longer than 65 h using a 400G rate-adaptive flexible-grid transponder in a metro regional Telecom Italia multivendor environment. Transmission over a G.652 field link and G.655 E-LEAF path with legacy dense wavelength division multiplexing equipment and co-propagating commercial coherent(More)
PURPOSE In this paper, the authors present a free software for assisting users in achieving the physical characterization of x-ray digital systems and image quality checks. METHODS The program was developed as a plugin of a well-known public-domain suite ImageJ. The software can assist users in calculating various physical parameters such as the response(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study is to compare digital radiography systems using the metric effective detective quantum efficiency (eDQE), which better reflects digital radiography imaging system performance under clinical operating conditions, in comparison with conventional metrics such as modulation transfer function (MTF), normalized noise power(More)
The purpose of this study was to perform a complete evaluation of three pieces of clinical digital mammography equipment. Image quality was assessed by performing physical characterization and contrast-detail (CD) analysis. We considered three different FFDM systems: a computed radiography unit (Fuji "FCR 5000 MA") and two flat-panel units, the indirect(More)
Ideally, medical x-ray imaging systems should be designed to deliver maximum image quality at an acceptable radiation risk to the patient. Quality assurance procedures are employed to ensure that these standards are maintained. A quality control protocol for direct digital radiography (DDR) systems is described and discussed. Software to automatically(More)
PURPOSE Here, we present a physical and psychophysical characterization of a new clinical unit (named AcSelerate) for digital radiography based on a thick a-Se layer. We also compared images acquired with and without a software filter (named CRF) developed for reducing sharpness and noise of the images and making them similar to images coming from(More)
According to wide literature, a global impairment in the temporal and spatial domains as well as an increased crowding effect is common of dyslexics. The aim of the study was to evaluate if such subjects suffer from a more general impairment of spatial relationship perception (SRP) and in particular from anomalous spatial relationship anisotropy (SRA) thus(More)
Genetically-based reconstructions of the history of pig domestication in Europe are based on two major pillars: 1) the temporal changes of mitochondrial DNA lineages are related to domestication; 2) Near Eastern haplotypes which appeared and then disappeared in some sites across Europe are genetic markers of the first Near Eastern domestic pigs. We typed a(More)