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The availability of accurate models for helicopter aeromechanics is becoming more and more important, as rotorcraft flight control systems have to meet progressively more stringent performance requirements: as the required control bandwidth increases, model accuracy becomes a vital part of the design problem. In this paper, the results of a joint(More)
Thanks to their large power densities, low costs and shock-insensitivity, Dielectric Elastomers (DE) seem to be a promising technology for the implementation of light and compact force-feedback devices such as, for instance, haptic interfaces. Nonetheless, the development of these kinds of DEbased systems is not trivial owing to the relevant dissipative(More)
Bifurcation analysis of controlled spacecraft model Outline • Spacecraft models and magnetic control • Local stability analysis • Bifurcation analysis • Simulation results • Concluding remarks and future works 2 Bifurcation analysis of controlled spacecraft model Introduction to magnetic attitude control  Attitude control plays a fundamental role in the(More)