Marco Bergamasco

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This article deals with the problem of optimal static output feedback control of linear periodic systems in continuous time, for which a continuous-time approach, which allows to deal with both stable and unstable open loop systems, is presented. The proposed approach is tested on the problem of designing attitude control laws for a Low-Earth Orbit (LEO)(More)
The availability of accurate models for helicopter aeromechanics is becoming more and more important, as rotorcraft flight control systems have to meet progressively more stringent performance requirements: as the required control bandwidth increases, model accuracy becomes a vital part of the design problem. In this paper, the results of a joint(More)
Active noise control (ANC) algorithms are generally designed to obtain the attenuation of gaussian noise signals using suitable adaptive signal processing algorithms. The rejection of non-gaussian impulsive noise signals represents a much more critical task, with respect to which standard ANC algorithms generally fail to provide a satisfactory solution, due(More)