Marco Beccali

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The paper presents a life cycle assessment of a kenaf-fibre insulation board following the international standards of the ISO 14040 series. Each life-cycle step has been checked, from kenaf production and board manufacture by an Italian firm, to use and disposal. The aim is to assess the board eco-profile and to compare, on the basis of a life-cycle(More)
The paper focuses on the evaluation of the impact of Building Automation Control Systems (BACS) and Technical Building Management (TBM) systems on the performance of the lighting system in a residential building. In particular, this work shows a laboratory setup, installed at the DEIM of the University of Palermo, for simulating a typical apartment. The(More)
This paper presents a technical and economic analysis of the possible exploitation of offshore wind resources using spatial analysis methods based on GIS tools. The study assessed the magnitude and distribution of the main constraints on installation of wind farms by taking into account the relevant technical factors and local laws on nature protection(More)
Among renewable energy sources wind energy is having an increasing influence on the supply of energy power. However wind energy is not a stationary power, depending on the fluctuations of the wind, so that is necessary to cope with these fluctuations that may cause problems the electricity grid stability. The ability to predict short-term wind speed and(More)
The short-term load forecasting (STLF), with lead times ranging from a few hours to several days ahead, helps grid operators to make a cost effective scheduling of resources, purchase of energy, maintenance and security analysis studies. The use of reliable load forecasting models is necessary for a rational use of electricity, taking into account that it(More)
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