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— This paper introduces a testbed for sensor and robot network systems, currently composed of 10 cameras and 5 mobile wheeled robots equipped with several sensors for self-localization, obstacle avoidance and vision cameras, and wireless communications. The testbed includes a service-oriented middleware to enable fast prototyping and implementation of(More)
  • João Lucas, M Barbosa, Jorge H S De Lira, Vladimir Oliker
  • 2005
Let ψ be a given function defined on a Riemannian space. Under what conditions does there exist a compact starshaped hypersurface M for which ψ, when evaluated on M , coincides with the m−th elementary symmetric function of principal curvatures of M for a given m? The corresponding existence and uniqueness problems in Euclidean space have been investigated(More)
In this article we explain the architecture for the environment and sensors that has been built for the European project URUS (Ubiquitous Networking Robotics in Urban Sites), a project whose objective is to develop an adaptable network robot architecture for cooperation between network robots and human beings and/or the environment in urban areas. The(More)
By Monte Carlo simulations, we explored the effect of single mutations on the thermodynamics and kinetics of the folding of a two-dimensional, energetically frustrated, hydrophobic protein model. Phi-Value analysis, corroborated by simulations beginning from given sets of judiciously chosen initial contacts, suggests that the transition state of the model(More)
  • Pedro Lima, João Messias, João Santos, João Estilita, Marco Barbosa, Aamir Ahmad +1 other
  • 2009
This paper describes the status of the ISocRob MSL robotic soccer team as required by the RoboCup 2009 qualification procedures. Since its previous participation in RoboCup, the ISocRob team has carried out significant developments in various topics, the most relevant of which are presented here. These include self-localization, 3D object tracking and(More)
The relevance of inside-outside segregation and chain compaction for the thermodynamics of folding of a hydrophobic protein model is probed by complete enumeration of two-dimensional chains of up to 18 monomers in the square lattice. The exact computation of Z scores for uniquely designed sequences confirms that Z tends to decrease linearly with sigma(More)
  • Ronnie Cley, Oliveira Alves, Isabel Maria, Bacelo Leonor, Manuel Orlando, Oliveira De +12 others
  • 2007
i Dedicated to my parents Raimundo and Rosalda, my wife Ana and my son Pedro Miguel ii iii Acknowledgements This is one of the best moments in my doctoral program-to publicly acknowledge those who have contributed, in many different ways, to make my success a part of their own. I am most fortunate to have had Prof. Dr. Orlando Belo as my supervisor. I wish(More)
  • Marco Barbosa, Antonio De Castro, Automática De, Algoritmos Pior, Caso I Toscani, Laira Ii Vieira +20 others
  • 2002
∀ quantificador universal (para todo) ∈ pertence O notação Big Oh Ω notação Big Omega θ limite assintótico exato Abstract The aim of algorithm analysis is to improve, whenever possible, its performance and to give conditions to choose the best option, among the existing algorithms to solve a given problem. The calculation of algorithm complexity is very(More)
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