Marco Baldassarre

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate diagnostic investigations, operative management and long-term outcome of atherosclerotic aneurysms of the subclavian artery. DESIGN A retrospective clinical study through a follow-up period of 68 months (8 months to 11 years). SETTING Department of Vascular Surgery, University Hospital. PATIENTS Between 1983 and 1995, 5 patients(More)
In pathologies such as progressive ataxias, clinical criteria are often not enough to provide the correct diagnosis. Therefore, we studied by means of MRI 30 normal volunteers and 19 patients affected by different progressive ataxias, diagnosed by typical standards. On all the subjects measurements were performed in order to identify normal and pathological(More)
Blunt arterial injuries secondary to bone fractures are frequently associated with nerve, vein and soft tissue lesions. A delayed diagnosis or treatment is the main cause of high amputation rate. Thirty-four patients presenting acute arterial occlusion (15 cases), false aneurysms (13 cases) or AVFs (6 cases) of the extremity were identified between 1983 and(More)
Intestinal ischemia after abdominal aortic surgery is a highly lethal complication. In order to evaluate the pathogenesis, the diagnostic modalities and the best management, in a retrospective review, 12 patients undergoing postoperative small bowel or colonic ischemic lesions were identified between 1983 and 1995. Preoperative occlusion of IMA was present(More)
A variety of anatomical abnormalities may product an external compression of the popliteal artery, resulting in a thrombotic occlusion. Between 1983 and 1995, 9 patients presented a popliteal artery entrapment syndrome, bilateral in two cases. Ultrasonography, Angio-CT scan and MRI showed the abnormal structures and position of the popliteal artery on(More)
The objective of this study was to evaluate MEGX disposition as a surrogate marker in assessing the influence that injury may exert on liver function during the first week after the traumatic event in young vs. elderly patients. The MEGX exposure over time was assessed at 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 4 and 6 h after the intravenous administration of a 1 mg/kg lidocaine(More)
Between 1983 and 1995, elective aortic surgery was performed on 1018 patients for aneurysmal (417 cases) or occlusive disease (489 cases), or both (112 cases). Intraoperative acute popliteal occlusion, despite of aortic graft patency, developed in 2 patients due to distal embolization (0.19%) and in 5 patients secondary to acute popliteal trifurcation(More)
In order to evaluate the incidence, the diagnostic modalities and significance of blisters of the abdominal aortic aneurysm wall, in a retrospective review, 14 patients (2.6%) having these lesions were identified between 1983 and 1995. At preoperative examination, aortography had less accuracy (1 case = 20%) than CT scan (3 cases = 27.2%) or MRI angiography(More)
To evaluate the treatment of late sequelae of penetrating arterial injuries associated with civilian firearms, such as false aneurysms and arteriovenous fistulas (AV-Fs) of the extremities, a retrospective clinical study was carried out. Whenever diagnosis or operative management is delayed because of local fibrosis or morphological and structural vessel(More)