Marco Aurelio Rivarola

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OBJECTIVE To report genotype-phenotype correlation in a large cohort of patients. CONTEXT Study of the CYP21A2 gene in 866 unrelated chromosomes of 21-hydroxylase deficiency in Argentinean patients with classic and nonclassic (NC) forms of congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH). METHODS Eleven most common mutations were analysed by allele-specific(More)
INTRODUCTION cP450aromatase deficiency provides clues for the understanding of the role of aromatase in prepubertal and pubertal human health and disease. Placental aromatization of androgens protects the female fetus against the virilizing action of fetal androgens. After birth, the dual effect of aromatase deficiency, excessive androgens, and insufficient(More)
The effects of chronic renal failure on the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis in 25 girls, aged 9.1 to 20.9 years (mean 13.8) were studied. Twelve patients on conservative treatment (group A) had serum creatinine values between 176.8 and 1502.8 mumol/l; 9 patients were on haemodialysis (group B); and 12 patients had received a renal transplant (group C).(More)
UNLABELLED We studied the effects of chronic renal failure on the pituitary-cortisol axis and adrenal androgen function in 26 patients (16 male and 10 female), aged 6.5 to 22.5 years (mean 14.5). Ten patients were prepubertal, 8 pubertal, and 8 post-pubertal. All of them were on chronic hemodialysis. Pubic hair development was delayed in 56% of the(More)
Twenty-four girls were studied following long-term treatment (mean: 50 months) for acute lymphoblastic leukemia; 14 were prepubertal and 10 pubertal. Follow-up during endocrine studies ranged from 2 months to 6.7 years (mean: 2.3 years). Five of 14 prepubertal patients started clinical pubertal development at a normal age and were reevaluated during(More)
The specific thyroid hormone transporter, MCT8, located on the X chromosome, has led to the identification a novel syndrome. The objective is to relate phenotype with several tissue-specific thyroid functions. A 1-year-old boy, who had severe psychological damage and low serum T4, had received l-T4 for 3 months. At admission, body length was normal but(More)
Programmed cell death and proliferation are evolutionary conserved processes that play a major role during normal development and homeostasis. In the testis, during the fetal and newborn periods, they might determine final adult size and fertility potential. In the present study, we have measured the relative number of testicular cells in apoptosis and in(More)
The neonatal human Leydig cell undergoes a transient period of activation during the first months of life. The biological significance of this activation is unknown. Furthermore, little is known about the hormonal regulation of this biological process, even though it coincides with an elevation of LH levels in serum. In order to study the function of human(More)
A study of a large cell calcifying Sertoli cell tumor of the testis associated with bilateral gynecomastia in an 8-year-old boy is presented. Macroscopically, the two testes showed multiple, large, and hard calcified nodules. Histology revealed clusters or cords of tumor cells with foci of calcifications as well as evidences, in the adjacent testicular(More)