Marco Aurelio Ramírez Huaranga

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Association between elevated C-reactive protein (CRP) serum levels and subclinical atherosclerosis and cardiovascular (CV) events was described in rheumatoid arthritis (RA). CRP, HNF1A, LEPR, GCKR, NLRP3, IL1F10, PPP1R3B, ASCL1, HNF4A and SALL1 exert an influence on elevated CRP serum levels in non-rheumatic Caucasians. Consequently, we evaluated the(More)
Cryoglobulinemia is a rare disease characterized by the production of monoclonal or polyclonal immunoglobulins that precipitate in cold temperature. While this phenomenon can be observed in a large number of disorders, it has been associated with hepatitis C virus infection in more than 90% of cases. The remaining 10%, called essential cryoglobulinemia, has(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine whether the interleukin-33 (IL-33)-interleukin-1 receptor like 1 (IL-1RL1) signaling pathway is implicated in the risk of subclinical atherosclerosis in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). METHODS A total of 576 Spanish RA patients from Northern Spain were genotyped for 6 well-known IL33-IL1RL1 polymorphisms (IL33 rs3939286,(More)
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is associated with a 1.3 to 3-fold increase in mortality, being the major cause of death from cardiovascular complications (40%-50%). Therefore, the initial approach should include cardiovascular risk (CVR) assessment using algorithms adapted for this population. Although, SCOREM is an important advance, there are data indicating(More)
Mujer de 42 años, caucásica, con asma intrínseca controlada, n tratamiento crónico con corticoides inhalado y sin necesidad e corticoterapia sistémica de forma habitual. Tres años antes de a consulta actual realizó quimioprofilaxis con isoniacida durante 2 meses por presentar Mantoux positivo pero sin datos de enferedad activa, tras contacto familiar con(More)
Meralgia paresthetica is a mononeuropathy of the femoral cutaneous nerve with characteristic findings, usually secondary to injury or compression, being most common in the inguinal area. Exceptional cases associated with compressions caused by abdominal or pelvic tumors have been published, so it is always advisable to extend the study with imaging tests.(More)
Sarcoidosis is a systemic granulomatous disease with a wide range of clinical manifestations. Skin involvement is an early, frequent and accessible location for a histopathological study. Several risk factors have been described to determine the likelihood of systemic involvement of an apparent cutaneous condition. Early diagnosis and systemic treatment(More)
Although hypersensitivity pneumonitis is the most common pulmonary complication described during treatment with methotrexate, other complications like lymphoproliferative and infectious disease may be considered in the study of respiratory disease associated to methotrexate. The existence of an increased risk to developing infectious diseases may be similar(More)