Marco Aurelio González-Romo

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We report 3 patients all men between 45 and 64 years of age with unilocular or multilocular mucinous cystadenomas of the kidney. One tumor arose from the renal pelvis, and 2 involved the entire pyelocaliceal system. The tumors measured between 2.4 and 37 cm in greatest dimension. Two patients were asymptomatic, and 1 had recurrent attack of acute(More)
We describe the clinicopathologic characteristics of three patients with chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction and malabsorption. The patients were young women (average age, 25 years) who presented with abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and weight loss that led to extreme inanition and death in two patients despite multiple treatment schemes. The(More)
We report 201 gallbladder adenomas from 91 patients most of whom were adult females. Fifty-three (58%) patients had gallstones. In 83 (91%) patients the adenomas were single. One gallbladder had 102 adenomas. Histologically, 165 (82%) of 201 adenomas were classified as pyloric, 28 (14%) as intestinal, 5 (2.4%) as foveolar, and 3 (1.4%) as biliary. Two(More)
OBJECTIVES We describe the morphologic and immunohistochemical features of 17 endometrial stromal neoplasms, 16 sarcomas, and one stromal nodule. METHODS We reviewed 35 cases interpreted as endometrial stromal neoplasms, but 17 high-grade endometrial stromal sarcomas (ESS) and one case of mixed endometrial sarcoma and leiomyosarcoma were excluded from the(More)
The clinicopathologic findings in eight Mexican patients with immunoproliferative small intestinal disease (IPSID) are analyzed. Four of these cases have been previously reported and the remainder were found in a retrospective review of 42 lymphoproliferative disorders of the small bowel (9.5% of the cases at our institution). There were six male and two(More)
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