Marco Aurélio Santos

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Laboratory experiments were performed to investigate the ability of isolates from the predacious fungus species Arthrobotrys conoides (one isolate) and Al. robusta (four isolates) to trap and kill infective Haemonchus placei larvae. Three groups for each isolate were formed: group 1, fungi and infective larvae; group 2, fungi; group 3, infective larvae.(More)
OBJECTIVE - To report the results of percutaneous occlusion of persistent ductus arteriosus with the Amplatzer prosthesis in 2 Brazilian cardiological centers. METHODS - From May 1998 to July 2000, 33 patients with clinical and laboratory diagnosis of persistent ductus arteriosus underwent attempts at percutaneous implantation of the Amplatzer prosthesis.(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the echocardiographic predicting factors of death in children with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy. METHODS A retrospective study of 148 children with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy diagnosed between September 1979 and March 2003 was carried out. The inclusion criteria were as follows: heart failure and a reduction in(More)
INTRODUCTION Although CT and MR are sensitive techniques for the detection of cerebral tumours, both have limitations in distinguishing between tumour relapse (TR) and post-treatment radionecrosis (RN). PATIENTS AND METHODS In this study we have determined the usefulness of metabolic imaging with PET-FDG in such situations. We assessed 70 patients with(More)
Maternal and cord sera (96 pairs) were tested to measure antitetanus toxin IgG (ATT IgG) levels, using a commercial enzyme immunoassay. One mother had no detectable antitetanus antibody and four more had levels below those considered to be reliably protective (<160 mIU/ml). All five had been eligible for vaccination during pregnancy according to Portuguese(More)
Viral, bacterial and parasitic pathogens associated with diarrhoea were studied in infants and young children admitted to the paediatric clinic of the University Hospital of São Paulo during the period of 13 months. A recognised pathogenic organism was detected in 78% of the diarrhoeic patients, 6% of whom had a mixed infection with two agents.(More)
We describe a case with supero-inferior relations of the ventricles in which the atrio-ventricular and the ventriculo-arterial connexions were concordant and the interventricular septum was intact. In this patient there was associated Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome with paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia. Positional anomalies of the heart, where there(More)
The jejunal flora of 15 patients with megaoesophagus secondary to Chagas disease was studied and compared with that of 15 control individuals. In addition to the serological reactions for Chagas disease (immunofluorescence and complement fixation reaction), all subjects were submitted to endoscopy and X-ray of the oesophagus, gastric secretory study and(More)