Marco Antonio Gutierrez

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Patients usually get medical assistance in several clinics and hospitals during their lifetime, archiving vital information in a dispersed way. Clearly, a proper patient care should take into account that information in order to check for incompatibilities, avoid unnecessary exams, and get relevant clinical history. The Heart Institute (InCor) of Satildeo(More)
OBJECTIVE To conduct a comprehensive survey of mobile health (mHealth) research initiatives in Brazil, discussing current challenges, gaps, opportunities and tendencies. METHODS Systematic review of publicly available electronic documents related to mHealth, including scientific publications, technical reports and descriptions of commercial products.(More)
The identification of structures is a key step in several applications of medical imaging. In this work we propose a method for the identification of structures using a multiscale approach with inclusion of a priori information about the searched objects. After describing the image structures in the multiscale representation, a matching step determines(More)
— There is currently a large amount of robotics software using the component-oriented programming paradigm. However, the rapid growth in number and complexity of components may compromise the scalability and the whole lifecycle of robotics software systems. Model-Driven Engineering can be used to mitigate these problems. This paper describes how using(More)
In this paper, we propose a SPAM (Simultaneous Planning and Mapping) technique for a manipulator type robot working in an uncertain environment via a Best Next Move algorithm. Demands for a smart decision to move a manipulator such as humanoid arms in uncertain or crowded environments call for a simultaneous planning and mapping technique. We assume no a(More)
— This paper presents our motivation for organizing the FinER workshop at IROS 2015, as well as a summary of all accepted papers. The main workshop goal is to provide an open exchange forum to the robotic community where participants can share their personal " failure to success " stories. We believe that such exchanges are of tremendous importance for the(More)
INTRODUCTION Mobile health consists in applying mobile devices and communication capabilities for expanding the coverage and improving the effectiveness of health care programs. The technology is particularly promising for developing countries, in which health authorities can take advantage of the flourishing mobile market to provide adequate health care to(More)
A method to compute three-dimension (3D) left ventricle (LV) motion and its color coded visualization scheme for the qualitative analysis in SPECT images is proposed. It is used to investigate some aspects of Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT). The method was applied to 3D gated-SPECT images sets from normal subjects and patients with severe Idiopathic(More)